Terms & Conditions

1.) Company Details:

Company name: SWTE Group Ltd.
Registered Office: Kossuth L. 47. 2161 Csomad Hungary
Regsitration Number: 13 09 188554 (Recorded in the Registry Court of the Budapest District Court)
VAT number: 26095587-2-13 (EU VAT number: HU26095587)
E-mail address: [email protected]

Hosting provider: SWTE Group Ltd.
E-mail address of hosting provider: [email protected]

Language of this contract is English. This contract is not a written contract and will not be filed.

2.) Privacy Policy

By using https://wp-shifty.com or any subdomains of wp-shifty.com (Website) you accept the Privacy Policy

3. License Only

By using WP Shifty or purchasing a license for WP Shifty plugin you agree to these terms. You own a license to use the plugin, you do not own itself (the source code, images, etc.).

4. License Use

You can use Single license on single WordPress install, Small license on 5 WordPress installs, Developer licens on 50 WordPress installs, and Unlimited license on unlimited WordPress installs. Licenses are subscription based (1 year subscription model). To be able to use the plugin (update settings) a valid license is required. If the license is expired, or the subscription has been cancelled the API features will be limited.

To be able to use WP Shifty you will need to create an account on https://wp-shifty.com. Your license(s) will be linked to your WP Shifty account. Sharing your WP Shifty account is not allowed.

5.) Pricing and subscription

The actual pricing is always available on the Website. If there are any promotion, we always exactly define the terms, start and the end date of the promotion. Our prices on the Website are in Euro and they does not include VAT, however you can always see the applied taxes and fees at the checkout.

When you purchase a license, it means you subscribe to the service. The subscription is for an indefinite period, however you can cancel the subscription anytime, by sending a Cancel request from the members area (My account) on the Website.

When you pay with credit card you accept that we will save the credit card and payment data, and share it with our payment processor (see details in Privacy Policy) for automatic payments.

Recurring subscription fees are charged automatically. If you have a valid subscription on the renewal day, you have to pay the service fee for the whole next period.

The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period, can be cancelled without any particular reason by any parties via the support tickets, or e-mail.

6.) Create subscription and payment process

Steps to create a subscription:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Select license type
  3. Check the order summary and correct any errors
  4. Accept Terms and conditions
  5. Select the payment method (see details below)
  6. Confirm the order and price (including VAT)
  7. Complete payment:

Customer can pay the subscription fee with PayPal or credit/debit card directly. Subscription will be automatically renewed unless the customer cancel the subscription at least one day prior the renewal. If customer cancelled the auto-renewal, the subscription can be renewed manually by the customer.

Pay with PayPal: to checkout with PayPal the customer can use customer’s PayPal account for the checkout. There must be a credit/debit card linked for the account. When customer is using PayPal for the payment, the customer will be redirected to PayPal and confirm the subscription. After the successful payment customer will be redirected to the Website and finishing the order.

Pay with credit/debit card: to checkout with credit/debit card the customer need to fill card data on the Website, then the card data will be forwarded to the credit card payment processor (Braintree powered by PayPal). Credit/debit card data (except CCV) will be saved for recurring payments. Customer may need to use 3D secure and/or strong customer identification.

If customer doesn’t cancel the subscription, subscription fee for the next period must be payed fully, on the first day on the next period. If the payment has been failed, the subscription will be suspended, but the customer still have to pay the full subscription fee regarding the next period.

7.) Refund Policy 

You can request a refund without any specific reason within 14 days from the initial purchase. After 14 days no refunds can be processed. We may refuse the refund request if you already purchased and used the plugin before (separate subscription), or you created the subscription after a previous, processed refund request.

Refund requests are processed as soon as possible, but latest within 14 days from the request.

Refund can be applied only for the subscriptions which met the requirements. Other services, especially but not only the configuration service, custom jobs, extended support are not refundable.

You can cancel your subscription any time you want. To avoid getting charged for the next billing period, you need to cancel at least one day before the next scheduled billing date. If you have a yearly subscription and cancel this on the first day of the new billing period, the subscription will be terminated at the end of this period, and you won’t get a refund for the current one. You will not be eligible for the refund even if you cancel your subscription one second after the renewal. In short: renewals are not refundable.

You can not request refund if we terminated your subscription because license abuse.

8. License Abuse

We can track license activation. If we find that you break the license agreement, we reserve the right to terminate your license. We also reserve the right to terminate your license if we detect, that your WP Shifty account has been shared with other users. If we terminate your license due to abuse, we can not refund your money.

9. Liability Release

You release SWTE Group Ltd, all of our employees, contractors, associates from ALL liability for any damages what WP Shifty plugins may cause. This waiver of liability also applies to your use of our website and all transactions with any server or service that I provide, either directly or indirectly. You use the app at your own risk and you have been warned that it may cause damage.

10. Support

We provide support during the whole subscription period through our Support Ticket System.

Support includes

  • Technical questions about the item’s built-in features, functionality and API
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues

Support does not include

  • Customization
  • Installation
  • Server configuration
  • Any other job which is not related to the plugin

All complaints should be send via the support system: https://wp-shifty.com/my-account/open-ticket/

Every support ticket has a unique ticket number. Customer should get the unique ticket number in an automated response right after opened the ticekt. Our support agents will answer all requests as soon as possible, but not later than seven days.

11. Severability

If any part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid, that part shall be dropped and the remainder of the agreement will still apply.

12. Customer as Business

All product and services are for commercial usage only. Only a customer as business person can make the purchase, who acts in the course of his/her trade, profession or business.

13. Final Provisions

This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hungary and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Hungary. If you do not agree with or fully accept these terms, we ask that you do not place an order with us.

Last modification 2023.10.18.